Aug 17, 2011

Mary Lee Sebastian

I spend a lot of my time in skilled nursing facilities.  I love all the people I see and meet in these places.  I feel like I learn something from each of them, whether it's about love, humility, patience, humor, or so many other things.  I feel like each of them pours light into me and I do my best to reciprocate.

A friend from high school, Beth Suda, has gone the photographer route (she's super talented - you can check out her site here) and in 2009 took some absolutely stunning photos of a woman, Mary Lee Sebastian, living in a skilled nursing center in Columbia, MO. 

A short quote from Beth's post about Mary Lee:
"Sebastian drove her car down the street, got out of the car with the engine still running, and walked all the way back to her garden: the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease."

Please check out the full, beautiful post about Mary Lee.  What a cutie!

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